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When will Elon Musk be on Mars?
(yes, physical Elon Musk on physical Mars)

Reserve any day in the future for $1.
If Elon lands on Mars that day, you keep the pot!

Time left to reserve your date
*ends 01/01/21

How it works

It's not rocket science...well

Pick a day
Choose literally any day in the future! We recommend you do research, ask a fortune teller, or even direct message Elon himself.

We close our doors on 1/1/2021 00:01 PST
Reserve it ($1)
Use human money to purchase that day which is uniquely yours forever (unless you sell it on the black market).

1 day = $1
Watch for Elon
Mark your calendar and hope to God Elon lands on Mars on your day.

If he does, you win the pot! 💰

Don't have a dollar? Ask Elon

Product Hunt friends! Totally cool if you don't want to buy a day, this is meant to be fun...but we think it would be bonkers if Elon Musk himself reserved one singular day. If you also think that would be funny, press the tweet button below and help us get Elon on this site!